Let's go blogging!

Hello, friends!

Although GreatBigStuff has been around for many years, we have just recently revamped (or should I say completely redesigned) our website. We hope that you think it is easier to find products and, more importantly, offers a more visually appealing and informative presentation of the products we offer.

Besides larger product images, the products now include ratings. This gives you, our audience, the opportunity to give each product a 'star' rating to share your opinjion with the world.

We are also going to start sharing our opinions with you through this blog. We're not really sure what sorts of things we will include here. Perhaps it will be news of new products coming in or alerts that a particular product is being phased out. Maybe we will tell you about something we see about some really big thing in the news.

Keep watch here for blog updates by GreatBigStuff founder, Jeff Bruette, and our company president, Brian Kuehn.