General Mills Cereal Masks

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We're bringing your favorite monster kid memories into your adult sized life! Our New Monster Cereal wall décor brightens up your favorite space with happy memories and 1970's and 80's breakfast time nostalgia! Boo-Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula will decorate your kitchen, kids room, collector corner, office cube or any space that you make your own!

Each mask is nearly 19" high! Content of mask is vac-form plastic including an attached cardboard backer with a single 2" diameter cut out hold for easy hanging purposes. Each Monster Cereal display box is a BIG 19" high x 16" wide x 3.25" deep with clear plastic window making it a terrific package to display.

Free prize inside the box (just like when you were a kid!) - an adult sized Monster Cereal spoon!

Collect 'em all!

Height: ~19in.
Width: ~16in.
Depth: ~3.25in.
Mask Material: Vacuum-formed plastic w/ cardboard backing
Display Box Material: Cardboard with cellophane window