$100 Bill Bank Note

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Here's an artistic way to show your big bucks. Each one of these 3-dimensional big $100 bill sculptures is meticulously handcrafted. Our artisans start with a 3-foot sheet of PVC substrate and apply a high-quality print of a $100 bill to the front and rear. Through various creative techniques, each bill is then folded, curled, warped, and then permanently cured so that the big money maintains its fanciful shape forevermore. Due to the individual attention given to each Big $100 bill, no two are ever identical. These photos provided are examples as to how each one can vary. Yours will be unique as well. Hanging supplies are included.

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Length: 3ft. (before shaping)
Width: 15in. (before shaping)
Depth: ~3in. (varies)
Material thickness: ~1/8in. (about as thick as a nickel)
Weight: ~3 pounds
Material: PVC