Air Mail Stamp

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Before you think this is just a poster...

No, you don't lick these Giant Air Mail Postage Stamps. These pop art sculptures are sure to add a focal point of conversation to any room decor at nearly 3 feet wide and 2 feet high. Each one of these 3-dimensional stamp sheet sculptures are individually handcrafted. Our artisans start with a sheet of ⅛ inch thick PVC substrate and apply a high-quality print of a classic 6¢ airmail stamp to the material's face. The blue and red print looks quite authentic on the "aged" background. Each stamp sheet is drilled with hundreds of perforation holes, then slightly cut to separate a couple of the stamps.Through various creative techniques, the stamps are given the appearance of handling, the sheet is then curled and warped. Finally the sheet is permanently cured so that the stamps maintain its 3-D handled appearance forevermore. Due to the individual attention given to each stamp sheet, no two are ever identical. Yours will be unique as well. Hanging supplies are included.

Width: ~3 feet
Height: ~2 feet
Depth: ~2 inches
Material: PVC