Army Man - Salute

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Whether you wish to honor someone that served, feeling nostalgic to your childhood, or imagining your own toy story, you'll love these giant soldiers. This 20.5 inch tall green army man is posed in a respectful salute, but his weapon is in hand. We sculpted four of the most popular poses to be gigantic, so collect them all! To stay true to the appearance of the original tiny toy soldiers, we included elements such as injection mold rings on the giant toy soldier’s back. However, we took the opportunity to incorporate details such as buttons, shoelaces, hair, and a USA insignia on the shirt pocket. Display your giant toy soldiers as a nostalgic homage to your youth or give it to a friend that has served in the armed forces. Other poses include at ease with his weapon, firing a bazooka, and laying in a crawling/prone position.

Item is delicate and is intended for indoor display purposes only

Height: 20.5 in
Base size: 12in x 4.5in
Material: Cold-cast resin