3lb. Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

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You can't go wrong with the classic taste of creamy delicious HERSHEY'S milk chocolate in this colossal candy bar. With the creamy goodness that you have come to know and love, this 3-pound HERSHEY'S milk chocolate candy bar is the perfect size when you want to add a bit of sweetness to some of your favorite foods. Melt one of these massive chocolates to drizzle over salty snacks like potato chips, pretzels, crackers and cashews. If you're a true chocolate lover, you can also create delicious masterpieces like chocolate-covered strawberries, dipped cupcakes or a creamy icing for your cake. Ready for a sweet break in the middle of the day? Enjoy a few pieces from your 3-pound HERSHEY'S candy bar. Best of all, this bar is great for sharing with your favorite people. Wrap the whole bar as a gift or use several bars as individually wrapped party favors. To help you celebrate the holidays, these large chocolates are ideal Christmas stocking stuffers. Get ready to show up to all your holiday gatherings with the new favorite Christmas candy indulgence.


Weight: 3 pounds