Kit-Cat Clock

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This is the world's largest version of the classic Kit-Cat Clock with the iconic swinging tail, rolling eyes and contagious smile that has inspired joy in America since 1932.  Kit-Cat Clock has had an incredible history in America and throughout pop culture. As an important part of American history, Kit-Cat Clock has been featured and referenced in many different places from Back to the Future to Katy Perry to Taylor Swift videos.  This giant version stands at more than 6' tall, hand-made in the U.S. by the same 87-year-old company that has produced every Kit-Cat clock, the cat’s movement is powered by magnetic force, while analog hands indicate the time in large Art Deco-style digits. Includes a stand to support this floor clock’s heftier weight. Two C batteries (not included) provide up to a year’s timekeeping.

Dimension: 75" L x 20" W x 14" D. (38 1/2 lbs.)