Common objects. Uncommonly BIG sizes!

Whether you realize it or not, you've probably seen GreatBigStuff products on TV, in the movies, and in magazines or newspapers. The media loves GreatBigStuff for the same reason that you do - its extremely visual and makes you smile.

Take a look though some of our favorite appearances. Keep in mind that GreatBigStuff has been around for awhile. So, some of the items you see here may no longer be available.
Comedian, Ellen DeGeneres has incorporated several products from GreatBigStuff into her Emmy award winning talk show.

This video montage features clips showing giant 3-foot scissors, a huge 2-foot light bulb, a garden-sized chess set, jumbo 2-foot tall scooped and soft-serve ice cream cones, gigantic 4-foot baby bottle, a huge 2-foot corkscrew, a gallon-sized coffee cup and saucer, and foot-tall salt and pepper shakers.

When Rachael Ray had singer/actress Jennifer Hudson (American Idol contestant and Golden Globe winner for Dreamgirls) on her talk show, Rachael gave Jennifer a Giant Alarm Clock from GreatBigStuff. Rachael wanted to be sure that Jennifer did not oversleep while awaiting to learn if she was going to be nominated for an Oscar her performance in Dreamgirls.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition accented the Harvey's game room with all sorts of fun things from GreatBigStuff.

GreatBigStuff was featured on ABC affiliate, WPVI channel 6 in Philadelphia. Reporter, Don Polec has a unique reporting style as you will see.

Some of the items appearing in this video include a giant fishing lure, huge pencil, gigantic wine glass, big basketball, jumbo baseball, monstrous baseball hat, big pickle, oversized scissors, giant aspirin and Viagra, and all sort of other oversized versions of everyday objects.
Kathy and Hoda, from the Today Show, love our giant hamburgers, apples, and popcorn gift boxes!